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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Corporate Crooks and the People They Employ.

Imagine a society ruled by the corporate elite. Labor unions are illegal or non-existent and, as a worker, your working conditions are dictated by a corporate thug. You are at the mercy of someone who has never been in your position and has no respect or understanding of it. You are compensated wages that were based on the mood of the corporate thug after, your rent for your corporately owned house was paid and, your tab at the corporate store was paid. You would like to complain but, there is no one who will listen.

A situation like this has happened in America within the last 100 years. It seems that this could be a future scenario in America if the labor movement is not revitalized to it's full extent. Corporations, and the government they have bought, are assaulting America's workers with full force and, if not to make matters worse, using workers' money to settle debts and pad the wallets of corporate fat cats. Pension money is being stolen by corporations through the federal bankruptcy court system. Workers are losing retirement money, as well as, guaranteed benefits that were part of their retirements. People are having to return to the work force at ages of up to 70 years after, losing what they had worked and planned for, for years. Yet, the supporters of these corporations and the government prefer to live with the status quo, rather than, question the future of these practices.

Pensions, some valued in the billions of dollars, are used by corporations and their executives as personal funds to gamble in the stock market. In the current market coupled with a failing economy and a falling dollar, the benefit to these benefit and pension funds is minimal, if not, destructive. More accountability by the corporations and their executives needs to be put in place so that a more stringent system can implemented to stop the loss of workers money through the actions of greedy corporations and their executives.

Right now, labor unions and the AFL-CIO are considering ways to become a more formidable force with respect to worker's rights. In February the top labor leaders, through the cooperation of their members, will vote on the best way to counter the right-wing assault on America's working people...the people that are the backbone of America's greatness. Please support them.